Disciplina Fiziologie şi Neuroştiinţe Fundamentale

Curs Neuroştiinţe

Since 1998 our department is organising the Neuroscience lecture. The lecture is meant to introduce the basic concepts of this exciting quite new area to the medical students but also to other students interested in neuroscience. The lecture is optional being organised once a year, usualy begining in march. At the end, students have to pass an exam, being awarded with a diploma and receiving universitary credits.

Curs Neurostiinte 2019

Informatii suplimentare vor fi afisate in curand.

Nr. Curs
1 Curs deschidere - suport curs

Poate fi interacția mental-cuantic utilă tehnologiilor computaționale? - suport curs

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Gheorghe M. Stefan

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